RFA Catering
2100 Sandtree Court Atlanta, GA 30331 US
Phone: 678-242-9639 Website: http://www.rfacatering.com

A Family Affair

strawberriesRichardson’s “A Family Affair Catering” is a family owned and operated business. We believe in treating every client as a member of our family. Therefore, every event will always be catered towards your individual need. We offer complete packages to make your event a success. From top to bottom, rather it be Décor, Venue, Entertainment, and of course a “Full-Service Caterer”. Our professional staff of Event Consultants is at your convenience. We offer menu packages for all your events, Breakfast meetings, Lunch affairs, and Buffet or Sit-Down receptions. As well, we offer Full size Catering for all your TV/Film Productions. From Wrap Parties to feeding the cast and crew.

Richardson’s “A Family Affair Catering” is a licensed and bonded catering company who specializes in off-site catering. Rather 2 or 700 people we are capable of making your event come to life.


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